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UXInsole is a smart Insole device that can track your fitness activity via your smartphone. We brought to you internationally patented sensors by Advanpro.
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Nice, easy and simple use ability of UXInsole can make you happy and you love comfortability when you wear in your footwear.

An Awesome device to take your health update

UXInsole keep update for your health issues. This insole works on the basis of goal (Calorie, Weight and steps) that you set. When you perform an activity in order to achieve your goal, it will show the results of your activities like step counting, calculate calorie burn, measure the distance you cover etc. At this point of view UXInsole make you a health conscious person.

Counting Steps, detect Calorie burn and calculate Distance.

UXInsole is a smart device that easily count your steps and show how much calorie you burn, and this is also calculating the distance you covered to achieve your goal. 

Mapping, Activity curve and Dynamic Motivation toward Achieving Goal.

Our insole product gives you the best experience of traveling. Simply insert the sole in your footwear and set your goal or distance you want to run or walk it will show you how far you need to go and how much distance you already covered. Our activity curve shows you regular progress of your activeness.

Easy to connect with App

The most important thing is that our UXInsole connect with app via smart Bluetooth technology. It's very easy to sync and simple use ability which is different from other sole.